Sunday, October 7, 2007

How Can I Get Rid Of Fleas On My Cat?

Did you know that a cat typically does not bite and chew when they are bitten bye a flea. In fact a cat may not show any signs of having fleas until they are completely infested with them. A cat will only bite and chew if they have an allergic reaction to a fleas saliva. If your cat doesn't have a reaction to the saliva and becomes completely infested with the fleas, your cats life is in danger.

Fleas eat 15 times their body weight in blood. Cats are not very large animals to begin with which means it will only take a small amount of fleas and a small amount of time for their circulating blood flow to become seriously diminished. If you don't check your cat for fleas regularly, you should. You are putting your cat at serious risk for anemia, dehydration and even death if you are not checking for fleas regularly.

Checking your cat for fleas is a very simple process. First, put your cat in an empty tub or sink. Rub their coat vigourously for a minute. If you see any black spots fall from your cats fur put a small drop of water on the black spot, if it turns red when the drop of water is added, then your cat has flea droppings on its skin, which means they have fleas.

There are numerous options to free your cat from fleas and it's very important that you address the situation immediately. Your cats health and life are in danger bye these little buggers and they need your help to protect them.

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